Education. Education. Education – the famous words of a former UK Prime Minister. But whatever your thoughts of Tony Blair, few can fault him on his stance on attempting to increase the levels of investment in education.

At Runagood® we believe education and giving back are incredibly important too.

Which is why every year we lay on free masterclass business workshops at Sir William Borlase Grammar School in Marlow, Buckinghamshire. As I happens, our Founder’s old school to which he attributes an excellent start in his life.

Year 12 students at the ‘outstanding’ school are use Runagood®’s unique AI-driven software to benchmark a business (in this case the school) and then in groups, they’re asked to create strategies to raise the overall performance of the establishment.

Some extraordinary and creative suggestions are made which are presented with conviction which usually home in the school’s need to make much more use of technology to raise staff productivity.

Runagood® has been running the classes for the last 5 years and they’ve proven to be a huge success – don’t take our word for it…the Assistant Head, Suzanne Birkett has been quoted saying, “These Runagood® masterclasses are always a sell-out, we have to ration them because so many students are interested in starting their own businesses.”

So why do we do it?

Well, we believe in giving back. We believe in introducing innovation to schools. And we believe in empowering the future of business by using smart technology to make good advice affordable by even the smallest of businesses.

Imagine if other businesses out there believed in the same thing…as they soon will.