Are you an oxymoron

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We are receiving personality profile reports from practice partners who accepted our free offer last week to do a DISC personality profile assessment. Have you done yours yet?

Interestingly, the ones being sent to us so far are from accountants who have or are, already looking at, diversifying their practices. And they all show high Dominance / high Influence scores.


These attributes will certainly help their diversification endeavours but do also explain why they were motivated to do so in the first place. Ie naturally entrepreneurial. 

OK for them, but the big question is how can the majority of accountants with the profession’s classic high Steadiness / high Compliance scores confront the necessary, but scary, diversification challenge?


There is a way and we’ll be dealing with it in future bulletins.

But meanwhile, please send us your completed profile report, or take 8 minutes to complete one for free at, then send it to us. 
And we’ll tell you your diversification fortune, also for free.

Yours sincerely,

Duncan Collins