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Area Business Director with exclusive territory


Experienced business professionals wanted to lead UK Network development

Join the revolution that is changing business advice delivery and opening a very big new market, in which we (and you) are first.


As Runagood® Area Director…

use your business experience and skills to take control of a major territory containing businesses that are already spending at least £35m pa on business advice, to do it better for them, and grow the market.



Set up your Runagood® Business Centre network…

by selecting from the best professional practices and showing them how to double their size and value by using AI Business Advisor® technology to expand fee income from existing clients and to secure new clients, setting up major new recurring subscription income, in which you share.


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Appoint AI Business Advisor®s to work with them…

(and independently) each certified and trained in sales, mentoring, coaching, consulting skills, to secure new clients and raise their performance and value by using unique Runagood® technology for major recurring subscription income, in which you share.



Runagood® cloud technology works…

so quickly and comprehensively that large numbers of the very smallest businesses can be managed on low resources making for affordable, yet profitable, recurring fee subscriptions, in which you share


There will be 300 Area Directors including:

• 10 protected postcodes containing:

  • 18000 small businesses

  • 70 accountant practices

  • 30 IFA practice

  • 30 law practices

    ●  12000 / 18000 small business clients between them

    ●  £35m annual business advice market

    ●  £10m pa (gross) income potential

    ●  £1m-£3m pa GP potential

    ●  Serviced through 10 Runagood® Business Centres

There will be Regional Controllers:

• 250 protected postcodes containing:

  • 500,000 small businesses

  • 2000 accountant practices

  • 1000 law practices

  • 500 IFA practices

●  300K / 500K small business clients between them

●  £900m annual business advice market

●  £300m pa (gross) income potential

●  £10m-£30m pa GP potential


Next Step…

You can build your own exclusive network, based on long term, recurring income, with our strong support.


Get involved in stages by first attending a briefing meeting for £10 to decide if it’s for you. And if it looks promising, spend another £199 and stay for a day’s training to gain the necessary skills and certification to use the unique AI. That will qualify you to work with client businesses in your own right as a Certified AI Business Advisor®, giving you hands-on operating experience.


Thus convinced, you can then take control of a territory, at a very fair price, with quick payback, followed by a lifetime’s ROI.