Better clear this with him first…

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Omar Siddiqui, FCA is a partner an early Runagood® Business Centre and is fielding ever more enquiries about his experience from interested accountants. So here he is in video form, talking further about it.


Since discovering in 2016 what was being planned with Runagood® AI he started reflecting, as one of the practice’s second generation partners, on where the practice was headed in the mid to long term. His prime observation was that the loyal client base was ageing and as they retired were not being replaced fast enough by new clients, start-ups and younger business owners, all disinclined to use accountants.

In 2017 the practice started using Runagood® AI software on existing clients to open their eyes to how their businesses were working holistically, highlighting their unrealised potential and showing the means of achievement, across the whole spectrum of business activity.

Over 12 months, the decline stopped as clients sat up, paid attention, closures slowed and the fees per client increased.

In the coming 12 months, the practice plans to market to the other 70% of local businesses that don’t use accountants at all in order to restart growth in the client base. Omar is confident about this because many of these are sole traders, which until now were unable to pay the fee levels that compliance accountants need. But the efficiency that Runagood® AI software introduces enables very low (and therefore affordable) fee levels to be profitable. “No business is too small” he says, “I can now handle 100 clients per week as an all-round business advisor who happens to have an accountancy qualification.”