During August in Leicester we certified another 4 accountants as ‘Ten Minute Business Mentors’, which means that the East Midlands now has practitioners able to operate an instant Business Dashboard® for any business.

Every week, a different area.

Runagood® AI rapidly determines any client’s or prospect’s current and potential market value and benchmarks its competence in Marketing, Operations, Systems, People and Finance, turning the gaps into quantified lost sales and profits, for action.

If you are intent on being a AI Business Advisor® as well as an accountant, here’s where you begin:
1.       Half a day in London @ £99 +VAT here
2.       Half a day near you at another practice’s offices @ £99 +VAT (email us with your location) here

But free for you and your team if we can use your offices. Interested?

Check out Runagood® at www.runagood.com
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PS here are some Accountants who have recently qualified as a Mentoring, Coaching, or Consulting,  AI Business Advisor®