How To Close A Sale Fast: Some Do’s and Don’ts



Closing sales is usually one of the biggest priorities for small and medium business owners, especially in the early stages. Many seem to think of closing a sale as an art form, but usually, there is a method to it that can help boost overall closing rate.

In this post, we discuss some of the dos and don’ts when trying to convert your pitches and follow ups into contracted orders and on your terms.

DO be persistent

It might seem easy to get disheartened by negativity and lower your follow-up accordingly. Just remember, it takes up to 10 contacts to secure a new client. During the sales process, be ready to think on your feet and don’t let the fear of pushing take over the sale.

It will cloud your judgment and hamper your confidence, and that will only demotivate you further. Be persistent, and open to a dialogue throughout the sales process to keep the momentum going.

DO keep the relationship going

Even when all hope is lost, that does not necessarily mean you should cut off all contact with the potential client. Instead, work on being credible in all things to keep a level of trust going. Prepare well for your meetings, and always keep listening for more information with which to update/modify your quotation.

In the event that the sale is lost, keep in touch. Ask for feedback as to why you might have lost the sale, and use that to improve the process going forward.

DON’T make it a one-sided conversation

Just remember, the deal isn’t dead until someone else has it and is operating successfully. A lot of times, sales are lost because the salesperson did not ask enough questions, and did not take the time to learn about what the client actually needs.

Fearing an adverse answer might mean that you never directly ask for the order - do not fall into that trap. Sales is about give and take and talking too much without listening can often be a detriment. The more questions you ask the client, the more you will learn about what they need and you can modify your pitch accordingly.

DON’T be afraid to practise

Persistence is encouraged, but it needs to be in moderation. In pushing for a sale, you do not want to make an enemy. If you are worried that you are not striking the right balance and losing sales, why not practise? Work with a pushy friend or colleague who gives you a hard time to bolster your capabilities.

Their feedback can help ensure that you are not displaying too much anxiety while selling, or giving away too much advice before you have the order and help you improve your overall sales process.

Closing sales might seem like a challenge on the onset, but it does not have to be. With practise, dedication, and persistence, you can increase your closing rate and gain the confidence you need for long-term success.

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