Compliance and business advice can be surprisingly good bedfellows.

Consider this:

  1. You need to satisfy yourself that every client is a going concern.
  2. So you conduct a 10 minute Business Dashboard® assessment and see straight away their competence in the things that determine financial stability:
  3. Marketing – £ new customer acquisition rate
  4. Operations – £ customer retention rate
  5. Systems – £ business efficiency %
  6. People – £ productivity output / unused capacity
  7. Finance – £ pre-tax profit
  8. Value - £ business worth
  9. Then you see the £ potential for each, benchmarked against the top performers in its industry sector and form a view.
  10. You ask your client (or prospect) if they are willing to work with you to improve the most serious of these (for which there are 4000+ Runagood® readymade solutions).
  11. Decide if this business is, or could be a going concern, that you wish to have as a client

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