Think about it:
·         Wandering along avenues of stands
·         Trying to work out what’s on offer
·         Evading pouncing stand staff
·         Trying to conceal your contact details
·         Avoiding a year of follow up calls  
·         Noise
·         Nowhere to sit
·         Aching feet
·         Drab food and drink
·         Silly prices
·         Queues
·         A day’s billing lost
·         Travel costs
But all worth it for the one bright idea that’ll restore practice fortunes.
Whether or not you find it, we are providing our own bright idea for you - a nearby place of sanitywith:
·         Good food
·         Drinks of choice
·         Comfortable seating
·         Peace and quiet
·         No pouncing
·         And if after that you have any grey matter left, you can even play with Runagood® AI in comfort, to see what your practice is worth
·         No pressure…
To book your own piece of sanity please click here.