On our weekly courses, we hear figures like £3K- £6K pa mentioned and much grumbling about seeing nothing tangible in return, such as new products and clients. “Just loads of compliance stuff”.

So we thought we’d approach them all with AI Business Advisor® as a means to provide both these missing features for their members.

Oh dear!

  • More than half didn’t reply to our real letters written on real notepaper and signed in ink (remember those?) to the CEOs.
  • Of those that did reply, one fronted a senior person who informed us that they already had plans which our products don’t fit. And that was without seeing a demo.
  • Another resulted in a call from someone so junior she didn’t understand business at all and was therefore unable to assess what we have.
  • We then phoned the non-responders and half of them neither knew the CEO’s name nor how to contact their office. All they could suggest was to write again.
  • Next step was to try LinkedIn. Most had CEO 2nd connections to me so I asked to connect explaining why. None responded.

So we see what you’re up against and understand your views about value for money!

But don’t despair, we can double your fee income from as little as £99 per month, which at £1200 pa seems pretty good value.