We started tele selling to accountants last week (it works, should’ve done it much earlier)
and along the way we are asking them to help us research how Artificial Intelligence is changing the business advice market for accountants by asking 6 quick questions.

103 responses so far from all over UK, look at this…

1. Only 2o% are prepared to give business advice
Of this group, they are prepared to advise on the following specifics:
• Customer service 100%
• Marketing 82%
• Growth 81%
• HR 72%
• Business sale 72%
• Diversification 71%
• IT 61%
• General business advice 10%
Are these areas where respondents have personal experience, so feel comfortable?

2. 38% (of the above) charge clients for it
Certainly, many of the accountants we train say they don’t know how to.
Is that you?

3. 53% say that small businesses can afford to pay, and will
What do you think?

4. 74% say that any small business will pay £50+ per month for advice
We provided the figure as it’s the suggested base retail subscription for Runagood® AI only.
How much more would they pay for the mentoring and coaching support we wonder?

5. 65% say that small businesses see accountants as the logical providers of business advice
And Govt research shows accountants to be the most trusted of the business professionals.
Is that an open door?

6. 6% see Artificial Intelligence as the solution
Wow, we have a hill to climb! Yet scaled up, that’s 1300 practices.
But where are they??

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