·  Daily Telegraph asks for small business advice on how to be more productive
·  We respond with extracts from Runagood®’s Productivity Method here
·  Sign up a Business Analyst to demonstrate AI to London accountancy practices


· Close bookings on first Runagood® Certified Business Analyst training day (2nd May)
·  Open bookings for the second training and certification day here
·  Webinar with Peak Performers to evaluate offering Runagood® AI to 3000 accountant practices
·  Business Dashboard® analysis of a local pharmacy with 4 shops, to isolate causes of undervaluation


· Discussion with Institute of Consulting to award MIC qualifications to Runagood® Certified Business Advisors
·  Discussion with ICAEW to collaborate with the 4000 practices and 18000 businesses in the SME Advice Scheme
·  Edit video of Founder answering tough questions from accountants


· Open acceptances for the Accountex (23/24 May) free lunch offer here
· Arrange collaboration meeting with Wilson Wright, LLP
·  Edit videos of client comments about Runagood® AI experiences
·  Conclude partnership with personality profiling software for Runagood® Partners to use


·  Accountant breakfast to discuss AI impact on business advice
·  Accept suggestion to offer accountants business advice training before releasing AI software here
·  Book next breakfast meeting at Barnes Roffe, LLP
·  Continue discussions with 100+ accountants with Runagood® logins