Over 100 accountancy practices, (and the number rises all the time), have decided to go for the Runagood® diversification opportunity…

But not until next May

They want to get MTD out of the way and clear the decks before becoming Runagood® Business Centres

Bad for their cashflow throughout next year and bad for ours today!

Brilliant and unique as Runagood® AI is, it’s not instant as a major new source of income and profit. You build it, client by client and prospect by prospect, gradually adding monthly subscriptions, modest at first and rising as its power to raise performance and value become plain to them and to you.

So here’s how you can start now, without diverting your attention from essential MTD preparation…

Book a free briefing session now, taking 1.5 hours to answer every question and concern that you have.  

If that convinces you, stay on for the day at a very modest cost and we’ll train and license you to get started immediately.

And we’ll also show you how to spend an extra few minutes at each client and prospect meeting, to get them started too and the build-up underway.

You can do it!