More interest from consultants than accountants  in wanting to know more about becoming all-round business experts by using Runagood® AI.

And there is particular interest in working with accountants, as you might imagine. I hope what you see below opens your thinking on how you might network the resources from Certified AI Business Advisor®s to enter the business advice market in partnership with someone whom we can quality control to ensure that your precious clients are well served. Do let us know if you would like introductions?

83 consultants attended the special webinar we laid on for them and listened for 35 minutes yesterday before firing the following questions at us to which we provided the following answers (from memory as the recording isn’t uploaded yet). These are as valid for an accountant as they are for a consultant.

Q. How much does it cost to become an AI Business Advisor®?  
A. £99-£199 for the training and certification and £99-£199 per month for unlimited licence use (plus VAT)

Q. Do I get exclusive territory?
A. As a sole Certified AI Business Advisor®, no, but as a Runagood® Business Centre, yes

Q. How close together would we be?
A. We allocate postcodes to provide 1800 small businesses per Centre, which is a total business advice market of £3.5m pa

Q. What networking is there?
A. We tend to appoint accountant practices as Centres as they have the premises and business client bases. Then, if they don’t have advisory capacity (as some don’t) we link them to consultants whom we’ve certified as AI Business Advisor®s, to work together

Q. Do you have a database of UK accountant practices?
A. Yes all of them. And we are in regular dialogue with 25% of them

Q. How, or do you, control quality?
A. We do, it’s vital. So we test at the end of training and give money back to those who aren’t competent. Also we monitor client work through our software as it’s all transacted there and we can intervene if there are problems

Q. How many trainees have you refunded as incompetent so far?
A. Five

Q. How many have you trained and certified?
A. 52, with another 20 booked

Q. What does the training consist of?
A. Practical, hands on use of the AI on real businesses, with role play, DISC profiling and feedback

Q. What after sales support do you provide?
A. That’s the biggest part of our team. The first month after certification we expect daily communication and often undertake screen sharing to solve problems and improve understanding

Q. What income can I expect?
A. Based on following the action plan and working hard, £2500 per month if you just sell software access and provide no support and up to £20,000 per month if you provide all the services.

Q. I’m an HR consultant. Does this really qualify me to provide business advice?  
A. Definitely. It’s exactly designed for that. So long as you have any sort of small business experience, you will adapt easily. Accountants ask us the same question and the answer is the same.

Q. So what areas of a business will I be able to advise on?
A. Marketing, Operations (product / service), Systems & Technology, People/productivity, Finance. Because the AI provides the answers, you facilitate

Q. OK, at your prices, it’s low risk, so where do I sign up?
A. Choose from the briefing, mentor, coach, or consultant or training sessions, individually or all in one package deal.

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