As an accountant who has shown interest in using Runagood® AI Business advice with clients and prospects, I thought you should know that we have received Level 1 (Bronze) ‘Business Analyst’ Certification course bookings from accountants in your region.

It might also interest you to know that during the course, we calculate in detail the size of the business advice market in each attending practice’s locality, which of course, includes those of their neighbouring accountant practices.
A recent example was a small city yielding a £50m annual market, which even when shared between all 22 local accountant practices added up to over £2m each. So the potential is more than enough for every practice that wishes to diversify.
We are offering this first course (in a series of 3) for the promotional price of £99 +VAT per delegate, if booked in May. Click here to see more.

Here are some recent finalists and what they had to say:

Alan Davidson FCA. Partner, Pentins Accountants, Canterbury
My practice has diversified into the business advice market which is giving us good sales growth. But the additional time spent in client and prospect analysis and benchmarking is proving hard to recover in fees. So the point of this Business Analyst course has been to set up and use Runagood® AI for speed and insights. It’s given us the ability to get results in minutes that used to take hours, enabling a project to be profitably agreed and commenced, in one meeting. And the ability thereafter, to track its progress at will.

Jibran Qureshi, FCCA. Partner, Clearhouse Accountants, Stanmore
My practice specialises in tech businesses, which means a lot of our work is making performance and valuation projections for use in their funding rounds. So, this Business Analyst qualification perfectly enables me to run rapid and unlimited scenarios using Runagood® AI with clients, in order to arrive at feasible, benchmarked, models. And a real benefit is the ability to adjust for the various funding approaches in start-ups and early stage businesses, that support pitches to prospective investors.