We are appointing accountant practices in every UK town and city to diversify into business advice, using Artificial Intelligence.

Our AI, in their hands, is making analysis, planning and implementation services consistently affordable for the UK’s 5.5m small businesses, for the first time.

Are you experienced in helping small businesses to financially perform better?
We need skilled business advisors to help them develop their new profit centres, which are targeted at improving the performance and value of any type and size of business.

Taking a fraction of the time consumed during conventional consultancy projects, this means handing large numbers of clients, efficiently, mainly online.

Have you ever run your own, fully resourced, business?
Giving you the hands-on empathy needed to gain the confidence of clients buying advice for the first time.
And can you commit all your time to this?

Your role
To undergo 3-5 days of AI selection, training and certification and then enter a legal partnership with a local accountancy practice in order to sensitively manage and develop their Runagood® Business Centre.

Next step
Please email your CV and a thoughtful covering letter to info@runagood.com and we’ll see if we can match you to a practice, then respond with a full prospectus of how it all works.