Thanks to Steve Pipe I met Shane Lukas who kindly invited me.

So on Monday I found myself at the Belfry greeted by thunderous music as the conference was opened by the exuberant Shane and followed by a stream of interesting and motivational speakers.

Looking around the 130 delegates made up of accountants and practice teams I was struck by the sheer variety of ages and dress, but united in their enthusiasm and commitment to wringing every last drop of value from the day.

Amongst them I encountered several who have been through Runagood training and certification and were surprised to see me, asking if AVN isn’t a head on competitor.

I said I thought not as we are wholly focused on the small business advice market and equipping accountant partners with the AI to enter it affordably. And that AVN seem focused on building better practices. By the end of the day I was sure that we don’t compete but are complementary.

But we do both compete for the accountant wallet so, next  week I have a meeting with Shane where we’ll discuss that and see if we might work collaboratively to mutual advantage.

Back to Monday, I enjoyed the day with AVN and thank them for their generosity in welcoming me.

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