Around your practice there are 1000 of them looking for business advice, which they can’t afford to pay for and you can’t afford to provide.

But…if you could:

  • Charge them £50 per month for automated advice, which costs you only £25 a month, including your time
  • Scale up your charges and services continuously as they grow
  • Stay always within what they and you can afford
  • Become the only business advisor in town able to say “yes” to every business and start up
  • Pick and choose the ones you want and don’t want…

You would then:

  1. Profit from every client
  2. Grow your client base
  3. Acquire clients for life
  4. Free up your time
  5. Make your practice easier to manage
  6. Build it into a valuable and saleable business

Runagood® AI can do that for you starting from £99 - £199 for training and certification and £99-£199 per month licence subscription, with no hidden ‘upsells’.

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Health warning: it’s not accountancy software! But ‘Whole Business Consultancy’ delivered by Artificial Intelligence