Would you like to own a piece of Runagood.com Ltd by investing in the leading technology that's driving the small business advice revolution?

Runagood® was born as an idea in 2010 and since then has received £1m of personal investment from me. That's commitment!

The heavy stuff is done and the business model proven, having worked already on c1000 small businesses. The first revenue is flowing from partners as they join, edging up week by week.

We'd now like to change gear and grow fast to take control of this big new market that we have created by harnessing Artificial Intelligence to solve the problems of 5.5m small businesses in the UK and 250m worldwide. This £14bn pa (UK) market is ours for the taking, provided we get and stay, well ahead.

That means more investment by selling shares in affordable blocks, with special deals for partners.

If being a part of that might be interesting to a friend, colleague or associate please ask them to take a look at the attached or click here for more information.