It looks as if the time has come for accountants to diversify into business consultancy.

We emailed 9000 about our plans to start a business advice revolution with Artificial Intelligence and:
200 opted out, 3000 read it, 300 visited the beta website, spending at least 3 minutes there and 16 applied for trial partnerships.

100 gave us this frank feedback: “Great idea, clever online tools, enormous potential, but the business proposition needs to be made clearer for busy accountants.”

So, we’ve listened and persuaded our developers to work over the Christmas / New Year holiday to fix that and you’ll see the result in early January.

Meanwhile, we’ll keep statistics coming to you about what’s happening for the UK’s 5.5m small and micro businesses, 96% of the total. Most encouragingly, they are spending £2000+ per annum on business advice, but with whom?

Watch this space.

Yours sincerely

Duncan Collins

P.S. If you’d like to see just one of the many things Runagood® AI can do, have a look at this example report, which took just 10 minutes to generate from scratch. And the software does that, online, for any business.