Breakfast Briefing

How AI creates an affordable Business Advisor in London


The high grade, sustained advice that makes businesses big and keeps them big, is now affordable by the very smallest businesses, thanks to ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence (AI) from Runagood®.

A World first.

It starts with appointing a Certified AI Business Advisor® in every local postcode area, each containing 1800 small businesses that already spend an average £200 per month, for often uncertain, advice. So, a readymade market.

Are you interested in reaching and seriously helping them (and you) to become successful?

If you also have sound business sense and are good at dealing with people, come to our weekly event to hear from the Founders how it all works from 8.30am to 10am.

You will see how to: acquire clients; gain their trust; raise their performance and value; retain them long term; and access continuous Runagood® training and support as you build their businesses and yours. Look at the expert software in action, ask all the questions you want, then decide if you’d like to stay on from 10.00 until 17.00 to get trained and certified to work as a profitable AI Business Advisor® from the very next day.