Bronze Crest .png

Qualify as a
Business Analyst


This intensive course will enable you to rapidly:

  1. Identify the personality profile of any business owner

  2. Match it to yours for a productive working relationship

  3. Use AI to benchmark the all-round performance of any business,
    however small

  4. Measure each aspect of its financial potential

  5. Analyse the key business measures and £ impact of its management
    competence for:
    a) Marketing
    b) Operations
    c) Systems
    d) People
    e) Finance

  6. Define its current and potential market value

  7. Pinpoint the exact cause of any low performance or market value

  8. Guide the owner towards mutually profitable improvement strategies

  9. Contract for monthly subscription income

  10. Work out the size of your local business analysis market

  11. Develop your strategy to take a large share of it

...And recover the cost and time spent within 1 month




Qualification: Bronze Certificate
Skills: Business Analysis
AI licence to use: Business Assessment & Valuation
Duration: Half Day
Cost: £299 +VAT
ROI: One new prospect per week