Technology driven processes and an automated knowledge base that reduce the cost to clients of comprehensive business advice from £500 per day to £5 per day. A world first, disrupting the business consultancy, coaching, mentoring markets.


One AI Business Advisor® can handle 100-200 clients at once and a Runagood® Business Centre 1000+ at once. This lowers costs so much that the sustained advice enjoyed only by big companies until now, becomes affordable by even sole traders liberating, them to grow in performance and value.


Set up a business advice hub in your premises from where your AI Business Advisor®s operate, running seminars to attract local business, meeting clients and organising marketing and fee earning work, to really boost the return from your occupancy and staffing costs. Your market is worth £5m+ pa with no competition on price and quality.


Program Overview

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has entered the world of business advice in the shape of AI Business Advisor®, transforming the ability of consultants, coaches, mentors and trainers to work profitably with the world’s smallest businesses, for the first time ever.

Building on 22 years work with 1m small businesses that raised the international competitiveness of the UK’s small businesses from 21st to 7th place these proven techniques have been automated to deliver end to end advice that can be implemented rapidly, affordably and in a uniquely sustained way that ensures permanent performance improvement and client fees.

During an intensive set up day you will experience Runagood®’s cutting-edge technology that analyses, forecasts, plans and implements performance improvement programmes and build detail plans with your team for joint implementation between us and be given access to operations manuals for marketing; operations; systems; people; finance.

Starting from scratch without expert help to build a ‘whole business’ advice centre usually takes 12 months to get the first reliable revenue from new clients and another 12 months to develop effective and profitable work methods. Runagood® eliminates the learning curve giving you all the resources you need for a very modest investment.  



Participant Outcomes

You will gain the ability to:

  • Understand and deal with the leaders of every size of business

  • Grasp the simplicities that govern the performance and value of any business

  • Use original software to solve every business problem and challenge

  • Work at speed to reach root causes and apply affordable solutions

  • Develop a large client base that willingly pays you monthly subscriptions

  • Make productive partnerships to keep reaching and growing, new clients

  • Spot and nurture the winning businesses and grow with them

  • Build yourself a more saleable business with a high exit value

Organisational Outcomes

You will be able to partner with Area Directors and AI Business Advisor®s, to:

  • Work with business clients

  • Reach all local small businesses

  • Secure new clients

  • Be the local business advice hub 

  • Build your reputation for honest, affordable, advice

  • Double your client numbers and the revenues


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Who is this program for?

If you are a business services professional with a premises and interested in diversifying into ‘whole business’ advisory, here is a complete system for finding and working with small businesses, profitably, that will build on your existing skills, knowledge and client base, able to beat any competitor on price and quality. And through the Runagood® network join a support group with opportunities for promotion into major roles, national and international, and shareholding.

What is included in the program?

  • How a small business works 

  • How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning works with Runagood® software

  • Using technology for speed and insights

  • How to work online

  • How and when to use mentoring, coaching, consulting, training techniques

  • Business Analysis, Benchmarking, Forecasting, Planning

  • Performance improvement methods, Value improvement methods

  • Implementing a client project

  • Business owner psychology

  • Marketing and selling what you do

  • Forming partnerships

  • Your business and cashflow plans

  • Membership of the Runagood® Network



What makes us different?

Speed, affordability, sustainability. Through a major investment in brand new and original technology, proven business methods and techniques are applied online so quickly that time spent in consultancy marketing, selling and project work is reduced by 90%+. The impact of this is that you as a Certified AI Business Advisor® become able to handle hundreds of small clients at once who previously could not afford or sustain quality advice from a business professional. 94% of the UK’s businesses are ‘micros’ ie employing 0-9 people.

69% of them spend an average of £3000 per year on 5 days of emergency business advice, which helps their long-term improvement not at all. But because you are able to work online with them for a few minutes, daily /weekly, on permanent monthly subscriptions you earn an extra £500-£1000 every day of the year whilst they pay you £5-£10 every day of the year, which is so affordable that they sustain and grow with you, adding power and saleability to their businesses and yours.  

Programme Structure

The Runagood® Team participates in every programme, onsite with you and your team. The day(s) is /are deliberately hands on throughout resulting in confidence and competence in this new way of providing business advice to this massive new market which Runagood® has opened.

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