Capturing the Business advice market

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You Spoke We Listened

Read the full version here... P.S. If you’d like to see just one of the many things Runagood® AI can do, have a look at this example report, which took just 10 minutes to generate from scratch. And the software does that, online, for any business.

The Entrepreneurial Accountant's Personality Profile

How does an accountant trying to diversify his/her practice do so with the wrong profile?

We’ll answer that for you when you’ve done a DISC assessment for yourself, click here to read the full version and complete a free DISC assessment.

Diversifying with UK's elected mayors

"I recently met Sadiq Khan at City Hall when he explained what he wants to do for London’s one million small businesses and I have on my knee his o.5 kilo consultation document." - Duncan Collins, Runagood Founder

Have a read of what I wrote to him, simply click here.