Ready to become a

Barefoot Consultant?

(In 1968, Chairman Mao officially launched a scheme to improve healthcare in rural China, by giving thousands of people basic medical training and sending them out to work in villages. They were known as the “barefoot doctors”.)

If you’re entrepreneurial and ready to be your own boss then apply to become a Barefoot Consultant. At Runagood® we will train and equip you with the advisory skills and AI software to begin supporting the small businesses in your local area.


What’s the job role?


What’s the journey?


What’s the catch?

No catch what so ever! Runagood® was created to disrupt the business advice market, which is currently populated by business advice costing £500 per day, which many small businesses simply cannot afford. With Runagood® AI Business Advisor being online, Barefoot Consultants can work flexible hours and operate from anywhere in the world as well as providing sustainable business advice to the UK’s 5.5million small businesses.

Your initial investment starts from £99 per month and you can get a return on your investment in no time!

Why not bombard us with questions in our free weekly briefing event where you can meet the Runagood® Founders!


From one Barefoot Consultant to another…

Jake Cunningtons.jpeg
This training day was far better than any business training I received in college, As a 19 year old, I’ve learnt about the core principles of running a good business. I can’t wait to get out there and begin helping the small businesses in my community!
— Jake from Leicester