Clients to keep and clients to drop


Which clients are making you money and which are losing it for you? And when you meet a prospective client how do you know if they will be a winner or a loser and worth your precious time?


Runagood®’s Business Dashboard® will tell you in under 15 minutes showing how good (or bad) they are at Marketing; Production; Service; Technology use; People productivity;  Financial management, ie all the things that determine and predict financial results and your fees.  
You’ll also see how much the business is worth and could be worth and receive a 23-page report setting out potentials and solutions for their consideration.  
Based on how your client/prospect reacts you can readily decide whether to start a long and profitable relationship, review the fee, or discard for annual follow up to repeat the 15-minute review.
In a half-day session, Runagood®’s Founder will teach you how to use the AI and certify you to operate the licence, which your very first client will fully repay.
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