Diversifying with UK’s
elected mayors

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Further food for your diversification thoughts.

The Mayor’s Economic Strategy for London
I recently met Sadiq Khan at City Hall when he explained what he wants to do for London’s one million small businesses and I have on my knee his o.5 kilo consultation document.
The bottom line is that he wants to know what we can do about his desire to introduce for SMEs’:
 1. Work based learning 
2. Additional support to help them grow 
3. More innovation from them
4. Smarter use of technology to work productively So, I have made him an offer that will reach out, for free, to all of them, using our AI.
Should you decide to become a Runagood® Business Centre, you will receive referrals from all the businesses in your area that respond. And remember, the average SME spends £2K pa on business advice already.  
Have a read of what I wrote to him yesterday, click here.

Yours sincerely,

Duncan Collins

P.S. We are now going to send this offer to the rest of the UK's elected mayors, so you're covered!