Friends and Family news from Duncan


Family & friends news

I managed to see all four sons at least once, during their massively busy schedules, rendering legal advice around the world, selling cars, building houses, arresting criminals, seeking new investments. I saw 5 of my 13 grandchildren all of whom are also massively busy being educated at every level from primary school to medical school.  

I admired Malcolm & Geraldine Marshall’s new kitchen and listened to their bad luck with builders and Brexit horrors as ‘committed Europeans’

I attended Mike & Penny (Clark’s) biennial summer party in Barrington at their unique cement works originated house in a 12 acre wood and caught up with my ‘Shelford Crowd’ of 50+ years ago. Crossing the road I took tea with Bob & Suzy Tydeman at their growing 17 acre ‘family village’ grouped around the old windmill.

I landed on Chris & Katy Moore for 2 nights in their final days at Black Moss Barn, home for 27 years which they had converted from a waterworks overlooking Pendle Hill. They are now in Dorset house hunting.

I had tea at Paul & Jo McGlone’s house which is next to my old home, Burnt Farm House, in Sandhurst (Kent). It was sobering to see that developers have created a further 6 properties from it doubtless at handsome profits as it’s in the Cranbrook School catchment area, which was also my reason for moving there in 1982. Mark and Simon attended the school as did granddaughter Robyn.  

I attended Julie Crick’s funeral (my ex sister in law) who died far too young at 59. It was an uplifting woodland burial followed by a party in Grantchester Meadows when we were treated to a Buddhist nun stripping off and jumping in the River Cam (my niece). Julie would have loved it.  

Another death was John Linneman in Palm Springs who was most helpful to me and Christine when we were buying Cunningham Place.    

I met up with old Mazda colleagues, Peter Jones, Valerie Teal, David Heslop and poor Graeme Millar knocked flat by a major stroke and fighting to walk again.

Nephew Tim helped me with BBC documentary introductions (watch this space)

I returned to my old school (Sir Wm Borlase’s, Marlow) and ran 3 masterclasses for year 12 students working in subject groups to improve the performance of ‘Hogwarts’, using the school’s own figures. Click here to see the video. Smartest group declared they’d fixed all the problems by magic.  

I sold the car as almost unusable in congested and regulated London and gave up shooting to concentrate on the business startup. Painful… 

I hope that was interesting and sorry if I missed you out!

With my wishes for a Merry Christmas