Become an FE College that also offers Business Advice to the local community

Your College can take a lucrative part of a whole new business market that’s appeared on your doorstep

Worth £50m-£100m pa, it will revolutionise your finances and raise your standing in the business community.


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Duncan with Imran Shahzad- Bronze Training Day


AI Business Advisor® technology is unique and enables you to:


  • Reach every single business no matter how small, even start-ups and self-employed, to provide them with affordable advice and solutions.


  • Profitably train mentors, coaches and consultants to publicly work in your name

  • Operate in an exclusive territory around you with no direct competition

  • Use smart Runagood® systems for a massive business knowledge access  

  • Raise productivity for college staff, associates and clients through very fast processing   

  • Bring profitable new income to the College, through sustained subscriptions

If you’re looking to become the business advice hub of the future, then your journey starts here...

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There will be 3000 Accredited Runagood® Business Centres who will:

Operate in a protected postcode, containing

  • 1800+ small businesses

  • 7 accountant practices

  • 3 law practices

  • 3 IFA practices

  • 5 AI Business Advisor®s

  • 1200 / 1800 small business clients between them

  • £3.5m annual business advice market

  • £1m+ annual (gross) income potential

  • £500K gross profit potential


See how much profit you could be making by using Runagood® with your local SME's

Combine Runagood®'s expert knowledge base with your business staff’s experience and new consultancy skills to build additional income streams for your college from the smallest of business clients, profitably.

Learn more by watching this Q&A with the Founder Duncan Collins.


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Runagood® Area Directors

Once you’ve grown your local client base in your area, you can obtain a larger territory and operate as a Runagood® Area Director, joining the national network providing any type of advice to any type of business.