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What’s a full-service advisory business?

One that:

  1. Operates the local one stop shop for business advice

  2. Markets its expertise to all the businesses in its area

  3. Uses smart systems to efficiently manage itself

  4. Deploys motivated people to secure and serve clients

  5. Generates rising profits and cash

  6. Grows in value all the time


So, how can Runagood® convert my practice?

By providing readymade:

  • Operations: Fast, online software that for any business: analyses; forecasts; plans; and provides readymade action plans to raise its performance, affordably

  • Marketing: Local business databases; CRM system; email templates; presentation slides; scripts; leads and enquiries flow

  • Systems: That efficiently manage the practice, its clients, its prospects and its people

  • People: Recruitment; business advisory training; management processes; motivation; productivity; longevity

  • Finance: Client contracts for recurring revenue; long term income; high return on the wagebill; low overheads to cost of sales ratio; positive cashflow; profits

  • Value building: Dynamic business plan; KPI monitoring; owner and team coaching

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How easy is that?

We start by assessing your practice, using Runagood® software,to benchmark against the top third, its competence at:

  1. Retaining clients

  2. Acquiring new clients

  3. Operating efficiently

  4. People productivity

  5. Profitability

  6. Value creation

The online software then:

  1. Forecasts your value potential over a time period of your choosing and downloads the automated plan that will achieve it

  2. And opens up the suite of online action plans that will need to be implemented

  3. The final act is to generate a 3-year cashflow forecast to show your ROI/risk assessment for the new enterprise

  4. We both decide if establishing a Runagood® Business Centre from your practice, in your location, is right for you and right for us

This all takes one hour online, for which there is no charge, no commitment, and you receive an interesting 20-page assessment report about your practice and its potential.

Book your one-hour discovery and planning session here.

But how is this different from what (say) AVN provides?

It is similar in that it greatly improves the financial performance of your practice and provides you with the tools to do so. But there are great differences too eg:

  • No business is too small to be a profitable client for you, right down to £5 per day – a new market worth at least £5m pa in your area

  • You are empowered to provide ‘whole business’ advice to any business – not just the financial stuff

  • It’s all online, meaning no more costly travel to see clients and prospects

  • It greatly improves the yield from your major business premises investment

  • It greatly improves the return on your major wagebill investment

  • It greatly improves your recruitment by attracting candidates to your (now) very interesting practice

  • You can partner with readymade AI Business Advisor®s to do the heavy lifting, if you prefer

  • You get a fun new business to run, that builds on your years of training and experience

  • You get experienced ‘whole business’ consultants at Runagood® to coach you


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How much does it cost to set up a Runagood® Business Centre?

From £1499 with full payback early in year one

What if it doesn’t work out for me?

We refund your investment, provided you implemented the agreed plan


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I’m worried about Runagood® being an early stage business. Where is the track record?

  1. That’s why the cost to you is very low, the lowest on the market by far. Next year it will cost a lot more.

  2. The techniques in our system were used on 1 million businesses between 1988-2010

  3. These raised the international competitiveness of UK small businesses from 21st to 7thplace

  4. The technology has been used successfully on over 1000 businesses and grows daily

  5. By December 2019 there will 10+ Business Centres and 100+ Certified AI Business Advisors