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Qualify as a
Business Grant Manager


This intensive one-day course will enable you to rapidly:

  1. Acquire knowledge of the more accessible business development grants

  2. Learn their sources and the criteria that apply

  3. Match client project needs to grant criteria

  4. Use personality profiling to sell the project to both parties

  5. Package grant compliant client projects using Runagood® AI

  6. Access up to 100% project funding

  7. Apply to the grant sources with proposals that fit

  8. Negotiate a project contract between client and grant source

  9. Manage the project to meet client and source objectives

  10. Make claims and progress reports to both parties

  11. Close the project with documented outcomes and final claim

  12. Work out the size of your local business grant market

  13. Develop your strategy to take a significant share of it

…And recover the cost and time spent within 3 months


Qualification: Green Certificate
Skills: Grant Planning & Management
AI licence to use: All Runagood® software
Duration: One Day
ROI: One new client per quarter - high fee

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