Own a piece of Ltd and get your own territory as well


 “Democratising Business Advice by making it affordable and sustained for the World’s smallest businesses”



20% of the ordinary shares in Ltd for £1M to finance…


1. A New Market

With 15,000 AI Business Advisor®s each paying £1000+ certification to work from 3000 Business Centres each paying £5000+ for accreditation. Plus, monthly licence fees of £200+ from both, to sell AI-driven advice to 5.5m small businesses, each spending £200 pm.

2. Proven Business Model

Our original AI software reduces consultant time by 90%+ enabling the smallest businesses to afford sustained, high grade business advice for the first time ever. Certified AI Business Advisor®s trained to handle up to 200 clients each online, working from Accredited Business Centres, typically, branded accountant practices. Consultants always short of work and accountants facing decline in core services now secure new revenue streams from tiny businesses previously unable to afford quality advice.



3. Potential

  • £11bn-£14bn annual UK market

  • £625bn worldwide market

  • No direct competition

How it works

Based on 22 years UK government funded small business strategy implementation with 1m small businesses, that raised international competitiveness from 21st to 7th place.

Runagood®’s live database and algorithms combine as Artificial Intelligence to replicate a business consultancy, accessible from any device with internet access, anywhere, anytime.

19 simple inputs generate comparisons for any business to the norms for its industry sector, displaying current and potential income, profits and value. Automatic forecasting and planning tools plot options and the way ahead in minutes, generating implementable, practical strategies that emerge as online action plans to be shared between AI Business Advisor® and client, to generate business growth, value and sustained subscription income.

From finding new clients, to serving existing clients, and from analysing their businesses to implementing solutions, the technology controls and speeds every step of the way, eliminating hours, days, weeks of site visits, travel time, interviewing, data collection, meetings, research, spreadsheets and report writing. Runagood® AI reduces time expended in conventional business consultancy by 90%+.

A Runagood® Business Partnership, be it AI Business Advisor® or Business Centre, generates new income from existing clients; prevents client loss; and provides a mechanism to engage with the 70% of small businesses that don’t use any professional services at all.

This low risk, fully worked out, joint business venture is aimed at enabling 15,000 Advisors and 3000 professional practices to reach the UK’s 5.5m businesses that are too small to afford conventional consultancy and the 3.5m that don’t (yet) use their professional services.

This is a revolution, that looks quickly through the windscreen instead of slowly, through the rear view mirror.


What Runagood® AI solves for Small Businesses and Professional Providers

  1. 5.5m very small UK businesses (96%), unable to afford £500-£1000 per day consultant rates, now able to buy and sustain solutions from £5 per day.

  2. A network of Runagood® Business Centres, providing one-stop, all-round business advice, to all 5.5m small businesses.

  3. Accountant practices in decline, able to upsell and retain 2m existing business clients and add new ones.

  4. Independent business consultants, always short of work, able to access and manage large numbers of clients, economically.

  5. Banks with all 5.5m small UK businesses as customers, keen to expand their services.

  6. Governments, needing to visibly support small businesses, but at very low cost.

  7. Export - the world’s 250m very small businesses, now able to afford high grade advice and support


AI technology

  • Combining performance and valuation data from over 1 million small businesses and 10,000 industry types.

  • Machine learning to benchmark 6 KPIs and show the gaps in terms of lost sales, profits and value.

  • Algorithms to forecast values over time and generate performance improvement plans.

  • 5000 practical action plans to improve / fix anything.

  • Instant results cutting consultancy time by 90%+

  • Mentoring, coaching, consultancy skills for sustained implementation.

  • Affordable, yet profitable, everlasting subscription revenue.



  • The company’s only debts are to the Founder.

  • The team currently holds all the shares.

  • New shares will be issued for this funding round and will rank pari-passu with those of the Founders.

  • Shares will be sold in £500 blocks, limited to 5% for any one investor.

  • EIS advance assurance has been obtained from HMRC.

  • The main assets are the (only of its kind) small firms database and original developed AI software.

  • Monthly cost ‘burn’ is £15K-£19K which need not increase until sales catch up.

  • But additional funding now, will directly accelerate sales.

  • Revenue commenced in October 2018 at £1K during trials and reached £5K in December.

  • Breakeven is expected in mid-2019 based on pre-investment overheads.

  • Innovate UK open competition grants worth £100K-£1m will be sought.

  • Shares will be given free to partners who purchase exclusive territory.

  • Directorships will be available to individuals purchasing 5% or more of the shares.

  • Quarterly reports will be issued to all shareholders.


Use of new equity funds

  1. Bring web and software development in house to develop more products, faster and improve the user experience (2 new people)

  2. Accelerate Business Method creation to meet demand (1 new person)

  3. National marketing to direct small firms to Runagood® Business Centres (1 new person)

These costs are somewhat offset by eliminating outsourcing. No capital investment is envisaged other than continuous software development



  • The intention is to become profitable in 2019, grow the business permanently thereafter, building its value and sharing the profits generously.

  • We will not attempt to sell the business, but approaches to acquire, partner, or buy-in are inevitable and will be entertained if relevant and adding value.

  • As funds permit a share buyback scheme at fair value will be introduced


Core team

1. Duncan Collins
Founder and CEO

2. Vini Bance
Co-Founder and Marketing

3. Colin Simonds FCA
Co-Founder and Finance

4. Blai Pratdesaba
Co-Founder and Technology

If you are potentially interested in investing, please click here to find full information and actions.  This investment is for either: a sophisticated investor; successful entrepreneur; or business services professional, whose experiences enable them to properly evaluate this proposition and understand its potential.

If you are potentially interested in investing, please click here to find full information and actions.

This investment is for either: a sophisticated investor; successful entrepreneur; or business services professional, whose experiences enable them to properly evaluate this proposition and understand its potential.