Insolvency Practitioner to Business Advisor

At Runagood® we will train you to use your existing business knowledge, equip you with the advisory skills and AI software to begin supporting the small businesses in your local area.


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Duncan with Donna Panton - Bronze training Day June 2018


Instant consultancy skills for entrepreneurial Insolvency Practitioners

Get started with a 1 day Business Advisor course.


If you’re looking to become the business advisor of the future, then your journey starts here...

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See how much profit you could be making by using Runagood® with your local SME's


Combine Runagood®'s expert knowledge base with your business experience and new consultancy skills to build additional income streams from the smallest of clients, profitably.

Learn more by watching this Q&A with the Founder Duncan Collins.


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Runagood® Accredited Business Centre

Once you’ve grown your local client base in your area, you can create a local Runagood ® Business Centre, joining the national network providing any type of advice to any type of business.