New Runagood® partners
appointed in Q1


I wanted to give you an update on what a successful week we had as we’re rapidly growing our national network and achieving our target of providing more affordable and sustainable advice to the 5.5million small businesses in the UK.

10 AI Business Advisor®s certified

Consultants and accountants, able to work anywhere with any business. Giving whole business advice to 100+ clients each spending £100-£200 monthly, using AI-enabled quick, practical, affordable services.

3 Business Centres established

Accountant practices with premises, each supporting 5 AI Business Advisors, to reach 2000 local small businesses, a market that spends £350,000 per month on business advice.

2 Area Directors appointed

Entrepreneurs with resources, appointing and supporting Business Centres and AI Business Advisor®s, developing large territories that spend £100m+ annually on business advice.

Interested in coming on board and supporting the UK’s 5.5million small businesses? Book your Q2 partner appointment here with a  £10 briefing session to find out all about it.