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Become one of Oldham’s local Business Advisors


Oldham’s Holistic Business Advice and Solutions Hub, blending consultancy skills with Artificial Intelligence for affordable, sustained and profitable work, with even the smallest of clients.

Runagood® technology and training, added to your business knowledge, combines to create fast and efficient services, freeing billable time for cost effective interactions with clients.

The goals of a Runagood® Business Centre are:

  • Diversify and grow new client income

  • Connect with every local business to assess its potential

  • Select as clients those that wish to grow in performance and value  

  • Work with them for life

  • Deliver wide services that ensure continuous client and income growth

  • Work with Runagood® to build the brand and the value of the national network

  • Grow the business in performance and value to build wealth for its owners


We will together establish and implement your new:

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Marketing Strategy

To take the local market for business advice (worth £200 pm per business):

a) Converting your existing clients
b) Capturing new clients (from a business database)

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Operations Strategy

To deliver service levels that:

a) Add value
b) Drive repeat/retained business
c) Stop client loss

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Skills strategy

To support client projects profitably, through:

a) Advising
b) Mentoring
c) Coaching
d) Training
e) Consulting
f) Project Managing

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Systems strategy

To exploit AI technology for the practice and for your clients to achieve:

a) Efficient working
b) Business Analysis
c) Business Forecasting
d) Business Planning
e) Business performance and value growth

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People strategy

To drive:

a) High productivity
b) Strong commitment
c) Smart recruitment

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Financial strategy

To generate:

a) New profits
b) Positive cash

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Valuation strategy

To develop:

a) High growth
b) Business wealth

Personal Strategy Image.jpg

Personal strategy (your choice) from:

a) Exit
b) Recovery
c) Growth
d) Lifestyle
e) Effectiveness
f) Diversification


1 day training at our partners offices

Chartered Accountants and Business Growth Consultants in Oldham



£199 +VAT / £199 pm licence fee - unlimited usage



Business Analysis AI

Business Forecasting and Planning AI

Business Implementation AI

4000 interactive action plans

600 editable Business Documents

Your own client management account

Unlimited client accounts support



Major help centre 24/7

Direct access to the whole Runagood® Team