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Marketing - M5

Develop an Effective Contact Database

This Method shows you how to build and organise a ‘Contact Record Management (CRM) System’, to precisely list and reach identified consumers / users / introducers / customers who buy (or are prone to) your products & services.

The purpose

Learn how to select the most appropriate (CRM) supplier for your needs and manage the process of targeted contacting and recording, to constantly increase sales and customer satisfaction.


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Steps included in this method

  • Find out what others are saying about the CRMs in your list
  • What type of CRM System?
  • Open a new spreadsheet
  • Budget
  • Start an online search
  • Compile a list of what you’d like it to do, e.g.:
  • Trial
  • Build your database
  • Data cleaning
  • Get your list of contacts to match your CRM’s upload template
  • Using your CRM system
  • Purchase your new CRM
  • Pick two or three favourites from your list and sign up for free trials