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Marketing - M6

Develop Market Awareness

This Method shows you how to get your business known amongst potential purchasers for automatic reference.

The purpose

Learn how to use precision to plant your messages in the right places and ways. Project what you do and why it’s good to (only) relevant consumers / users / introducers prone to buying / promoting your products & services, profitably.


Runagood® Business Methods are online, practical instructions that have been created by business owners who’ve successfully implemented them before.

You can select from their recommended actions, assign responsibilities, set times and budgets, track progress and share and discuss the work remotely with colleagues and your Business Advisor, all from any device

Steps included in this method

  • Local / regional / national / international
  • Advertising
  • Public relations (PR)
  • Influencer networks
  • Direct Mail
  • Giveaways / freebies
  • Videos
  • Social Media
  • Social Media
  • Exhibitions
  • Merchandising
  • Clear brand