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Finance - F12

Financial Management

This Method shows you how to make the plan come to life and ‘deliver the goods’.

The purpose

Learn how to measure, report on and control its progress through Key Performance Indicators, self-reporting and review sessions. See how to get back on track when things slip by modifying strategies and actions and adding support to assure cost effective sales, profits cash generation, across the business.


Runagood® Business Methods are online, practical instructions that have been created by business owners who’ve successfully implemented them before.

You can select from their recommended actions, assign responsibilities, set times and budgets, track progress and share and discuss the work remotely with colleagues and your Business Advisor, all from any device

Steps included in this method

  • Performance management
  • Performance reporting
  • Job descriptions
  • Finance Plan
  • The Finance Mission
  • The Financial Vision
  • The Financial Objectives
  • Team briefing
  • Re-planning
  • The Marketing Success Measures
  • The Finance Strategies (Methods)
  • Review meetings