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Finance - F2

Improve Cashflow

This Method shows you how to be more liquid at all times, with money working for you and not you for it

The purpose

Learn how to accelerate income, delay payments and eliminate unproductive costs, capital spending and borrowing. See how a different approach to customer and supplier contracting can make cash ‘king’


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Steps included in this method

  • Deposits and Advances
  • VAT is not income
  • Set Up An Accounting Package
  • Recording all cash movements
  • Loans taken
  • Grants
  • Typical direct / variable costs
  • Bad Debts
  • Stocks
  • Contractors
  • Typical fixed type costs
  • Loans made
  • Product Suppliers
  • Spending Authority
  • Bank balance - the (only) bottom line
  • Barrow Boys
  • Cash in - all the sources
  • Investors
  • Debtors
  • Cash out - all the sources
  • Productivity
  • Service Suppliers
  • Taxes and Rebates