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Marketing - M14

Marketing Help & Guidance

This Method shows you how to select a competent & practical marketing / advisor / consultant / coach trainer / mentor when you feel that implementing any of the Marketing Methods is too much extra work for you.

The purpose

Learn how to tell the difference between the claims and reality to make sure you get someone who really does know it and will work for an agreed result at an agreed price to raise your new sales.


Runagood® Business Methods are online, practical instructions that have been created by business owners who’ve successfully implemented them before.

You can select from their recommended actions, assign responsibilities, set times and budgets, track progress and share and discuss the work remotely with colleagues and your Business Advisor, all from any device.

Steps included in this method

  • Mentoring (Available time)
  • Mentoring (CV)
  • Mentoring (Character)
  • Mentoring (References)
  • Training (Learning style)
  • The types of support
  • Contracting
  • Advice
  • Mentoring
  • Mentoring (Briefing)
  • Mentoring (Work Plan)
  • Mentoring (Working together)
  • Coaching
  • Coaching (CV)
  • Coaching (References)
  • Coaching (Character)
  • Coaching (Work plan)
  • Coaching (Working together)
  • Training
  • Training (References)
  • Training (Briefing)
  • Coaching (Available time)
  • Training (Available time)
  • Training (CV)
  • Training (Needs analysis)
  • Training (Learning plan)
  • Training (Working together)
  • Consultancy
  • Consultancy (CV)
  • Consultancy (References)
  • Consultancy (Character)
  • Consultancy (Briefing)
  • Consultancy (Work plan)
  • Project Management
  • Project Management (References)
  • Project Management (Character)
  • Project Management (Briefing)
  • Project Management (Work plan)
  • Project Management (Working together)
  • Consultancy (Working together)
  • Project Management (Available time)
  • Project Management (CV)
  • Project Management (Job description)
  • Coaching (Briefing)
  • Consultancy (Available time)