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Marketing - M11

Organise a Focus Group

This Method shows you how to select and organise a group of relevant experts to extract what they know about your markets, products, services and trends.

The purpose

Learn how to get them interacting to produce innovative insights and novel ideas that give you breakthroughs in market, product and service development to make profitable new sales.


Runagood® Business Methods are online, practical instructions that have been created by business owners who’ve successfully implemented them before.

 You can select from their recommended actions, assign responsibilities, set times and budgets, track progress and share and discuss the work remotely with colleagues and your Business Advisor, all from any device

Steps included in this method

  • Choose and invite your attendees
  • Appoint an interesting speaker
  • Find your venue
  • Pick a date
  • Create a one-page positioning paper
  • Send out the invitations
  • Follow up the invitation
  • Send your accepting delegates an agenda, the above positioning paper (again) and a list of topics
  • Telephone your guests two days before the event
  • Arrange a note taker
  • On the day: set up the room
  • Get a facilitator to run the meeting
  • Turn your notes into a report
  • Send out the report to those who attended