What Runagood® AI offers its partners

Smart technology combining performance and valuation data from over 1 million small businesses and 10,000 industry types. Empowering you to assess any business situation in minutes: its potential; profitable options and solutions.

Turn your Accountancy practice into a
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Your Clients Get


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Business Valuation

A business's market value compared to its industry peer group and the amount of wealth being lost, but recoverable. The result being both a current and potential value figure with specific causes


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Business Forecast

Budgeting, scenario and feasibility modelling for any business to create targets, follow progress against them and intervene as needed.


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Business Methods

200 (and growing) online action plans aimed at fixing specific business problems or gaps in knowledge. They allow you to track progress and set assignees, due dates and budgets as well as
record comments.

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Business Assessment

How each part of a business is performing compared to its industry peer group and the specific amount of income and profit being lost, but recoverable.


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Business Planning

20 interactive templates that organise all the actions needed to undertake any performance or value improvement project.


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Business Documents

Hundreds of editable documents, from industry-specific to generalised, implementable by any business. Documents range from cashflow forecast models to sale prospectus examples.


Move into business consultancy

Profitable support services from you to clients, using Runagood® technology.

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Runagood® processes will deliver the forecasted results if followed or software fees will be refunded.

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