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Hi I'm Ray Yong, and earlier this year I decided to open an osteopathy and physiotherapy clinic in St John’s Wood, London. But I soon realised that my strategy wasn’t working, so I approached my Runagood® Business Centre for an AI business assessment. It immediately showed that my marketing focus was the cause, identified the solutions, enabling CRM software installation, using a ready-made action plan.

The Runagood® Business System then generated a tailored Marketing Plan around it, which I was able to very quickly implement. Financial results appeared within one month.

I also used the Forecast tool to show me what my business is worth today and could be worth in 3, 5 and 10 years’ time. That enabled me to decide on a long term investment strategy with the confidence of knowing what the payback will be and when. And the cost of it all was seriously affordable.

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What Runagood® AI offers accountancy practices

Smart technology combining performance and valuation data from over 1 million small businesses and 10,000 industry types. Empowering you to assess any business situation in minutes: its potential; profitable options and solutions.

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