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Smart technology combining performance and valuation data from over 1 million small businesses and 10,000 industry types. Assessing your whole business situation in minutes: its potential; profitable options and solutions.


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Business Valuation

Compare your business's market value compared to its industry peer group and the amount of wealth being lost, but recoverable. The result being both a current and potential value figure with reasons.


Business Assessment

How each part of your business is performing compared to its industry peer group and the specific amount of income and profit being lost, but recoverable.


Business Forecast

Business value is your key success benchmark, calculating a feasible balance between time, effort and milestone achievement stages and identifying the best plan to get you started.


Business Planning

Using automated templates to identify effective objectives and practical methods to organise all the actions needed for your performance and value improvement project.


Business Methods

5000 online practical actions to fix specific problems or knowledge gaps. You can work ‘DIY’ or interactively with AI Business Advisor® support to track your progress and exchange information and messages


Business Documents

Hundreds of editable downloads to assist your project implementation


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