Runagood® Partnership Growth

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Last week 1000 of your colleagues accepted our prospectus offer and are now booking online product demonstrations, daily.

21 practices are trialling Runagood® AI with over 2000 client businesses – in London, West Midlands. Yorkshire, Tyneside, East Midlands, East Anglia.
And the first independent Runagood® Business Centre has just been established – Reddy Siddiqui LLP, Chartered Accountants in Acton, London.
More practices are in discussion, to start in March and April, following free trials.
Learn more about this high return, low-risk diversification into business mentoring, coaching and consultancy in our draft partner prospectus here.
View online product demonstration with me, for your practice and follow it through (optionally) with a free business valuation, for all your clients.
Only then, must you decide whether or not to invest...