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At Runagood® we partner small business owners with a locally trained AI Business Advisor® who can help you understand where your business is today using AI software and then begin supporting you achieve your long term business goals.


What is Runagood®?


How does it work?

Practical, affordable advice for any business, any size, anywhere’

From start-up to multinational, your business needs to do 6 things:

  • Find new customers

  • Keep existing customers coming back

  • Work efficiently with technology

  • Work your people productively

  • Operate profitably

  • Build market value


A Runagood® 20-minute Business Assessment shows how you are doing—for each benchmark...

  • Am I better or worse than others in my sector?

  • How much are the performance gaps costing me?

  • How much is that in lost sales, profits and productivity?

  • What practical actions can I take to close the gaps?

  • How do I start to put things right?

Book your free online assessment here to get:

  • Your own Business Dashboard® report

  • Smart advice from an AI Business Advisor®

  • An offer of a free Business Forecast

  • An offer of a free Business Plan

  • Access to affordable support, forever


“Runagood® AI Business Advisor® with you every step of the way”


What our Small Business Community say….


The Bread Boutique

We recently opened up and had no idea how to actually run a business. With our advisor and the software we’ve managed to market to the local residents, build enough income to cover our costs within the first 12 months and now we’re looking for our second site.


Grand Union Pets

We had a lot of customers but still didn’t make enough revenue. Working with our Runagood® Advisor and the online methods we’ve managed to diversify our offering increasing the fee we recieve from our current customer base.


Coffee Tree

Our advisor has been a god send. He uses the Runagood® software with me online and has helped me branch out and obtain new office take away orders between the dead period of breakfast and lunch.


George’s Fish Bar

Our Runagood AI Business Advisor® helped us using using their software and by monthly calls to work on how we can get our current customers to return to us rather than another chip shop nearby!


Raj’s Pharmacy

We often use the Runagood® Forecast and Plan with our Advisor and we’ve since taken on two more pharmacy’s and will aim to invest and grow the business before selling it for a profit.


Kennedy’s of West 9

Competing with the bigger chains as a hardware store is always tough but with Runagood® Methods we’ve managed to slowly move our business into the modern era and business is booming.

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