Such a big decision

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Since Christmas we have demonstrated our AI at work on client businesses to more than 100 Accountant Practices.

These encounters invariably lead to some very frank discussions about where the practice is going and how that has motivated them to consider diversifying.

Recurring themes are (actual quotes from senior partners all over the UK):

 “In 2 years time I won’t have a business worth selling”
“We’ve merged to survive” 
“I’ve never run a client or prospect seminar”
“I only get clients through referrals”
“I’ve introduced a number of new services including coaching and business planning. But it’s taking 20% of my time in return for only 10% of my sales”
“I’ll have to relocate to a city to find enough clients to survive”
“I like what you’ve done (at Runagood®)  but it looks like an awfully big step for me”

Main concerns are:

1. Is there a way back it all goes wrong?
2. Can I really make the transition from compliance accountant to business advisor?  
3. Will my clients trust me if I move from specialist to generalist?
4. Am I covered if a client sues me for bad advice?
5. Is there a professional qualification I can get to back me up?

And the biggest question has been:

6. Is there an intermediate step I can take before committing? Answer yes (to all 6), because:

We’ve introduced a one day ‘Boot Camp’ that fully develops you to make the change decision with confidence, by providing you with all the skills and information needed to become a business advisor.  

Attend the Friday 6th April Boot Camp to get a full refund against any subsequent Runagood® Business Centre investments that you may make.