Meet the team


Duncan Collins


CEO, financier and business networker keeping alight the founding vision. His 55 years at work have been about starting, running and advising businesses and governments, whilst observing and learning from what works and what doesn't.

He has carefully assembled a group of Runagood® working shareholders over 7 years, bringing in and building up, relevant experience, skills and knowledge and the ability to work collaboratively. The Runagood® team has, as a result, produced the first AI Business Consultant.


Colin Simonds

FCA. Finance

Colin built his accountant practice into a successful small business specialist, selling it after after 10 years, to embark on a series of challenging FD assignments. These included: Visit Britain; Age UK; Kew Gardens; Higher Education Authority; Cloudsense. He has advised Runagood® throughout, both on its own finances and on his first hand knowledge of the small/medium accountant practice market.


Vini Bance


Expert at digital marketing and client recruitment, Vini has already marketed as a Founder and Head of Marketing in 2 successful EdTech start-ups. Her role is to recruit new Partners and to raise awareness for the Runagood® brand, bringing in ready-made knowledge of how to go to market with a new concept and then to grow the new market. Vini has faced everything that confronts starting and running a business and has the tough attitude of a winner.


Blai Pratdesaba


With over 20 years experience of being a software engineer, Blai has been quick to learn and use new technologies to help start ups scale their technology both efficiently and strategically. His personal experience of running his own business as well as seeing the technology sector grow over the last two decades allows him to emphasise on how complex technology can be simplified for the everyday user. Going forward he aims to build technology which helps the business community through using innovation.

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Phil Crean

Digital Marketing

Phil has over 3 years digital marketing experience in tech start-ups. In Runagood® he is responsible for email marketing, social media advertising and the CRM system, which plays a role in all daily marketing and sales operations.


Scott Barnett


Expert at systems project engineering, Scott has, in the last 10 years, managed major IT contracts for BSkyB, GMAC, IPSoft, Sun Microsystems, specifying and installing revamps and upgrades. He has designed, purchased and installed Runagood's Internet, computing and telecoms architecture to cope with all anticipated scale and security needs. Very strong in technical knowledge and problem solving, he has in 2 years transformed our capabilities to 'state of the art', backed by fast call out response. Having set up his own systems project management business in 2012 he has a first hand understanding of start up issues.


Nick Ellison

Technical Advisor

Skilled at digital start-ups and solving their technical challenges, Nick started his first business whilst at university, sold it when joining Deloitte and then moved on to found his own Digital development agency.

Through advising on Runagood's® technical strategy and deploying his own team to implement it, he has built our website and created its associated software. For 5 years he has been intimately involved in the development and application of our business products, from a background of having started 3 new businesses, all of which continue to thrive.