Team up with an Accountant


During our daily Runagood® Business Centre (RBC) demos for accountants we’re noticing that some have a local business consultant sitting in, asking questions about how to collaborate.

If you aren’t familiar with us, have a look here at our Business Prospectus, which is aimed at creating partnerships with professional service providers, starting with accountants. As the first ever AI Business Consultant, we aim to reach the UK’s 5.5m small firms with affordable business advice, a World first.    
So here’s our thinking about partnering…
You approach your local accountant practices to propose taking on a joint Runagood® Business Centre Partnership. Here’s how it could work:
Your accountant partner, using Runagood® technology, templates (and training) actions these steps in under one hour:
1. Runagood® software generates a benchmarked: Performance and Value Analysis; Forecast; Plan; Method steps; Business Documents and downloads a full report, for every existing, or prospective client.
2. Show the business owner his/her full potential in financial terms and the precise actions needed to attain them.
3. Map out a costed performance improvement project, selecting the ideal form of support, from: Mentoring; Coaching; Training; Consultancy; Project Management.
4. Ask the client to confirm and sign the contract template.
5. Setup a monthly automatic fee subscription to cover software, implementation costs and profit margin.
6. Match consultant and client suitability, skills and personality
7. Collect and split the fee income between youand accountant.
You, the consultant partner (using Runagood® technology, templates (and training) action these steps over the life of the project:
8. Meet the client and accountant partner to understand the project - online or physically. 

9. Agree the regularity of contact, timescale to achieve results, review dates and the named responsibilities in the project plan    

10. Submit reports on project progress and any changes to the plan, agreed with the client 

11. Receive an agreed % of the monthly fee payments from the client 

12. Review project progress with the client and youraccountant partner, at agreed intervals 

13. Introduce new clients and prospects to the practice 

Please comment on this proposal
And tell us if you need some support and guidance. Eg we can give you contact details for the accountants in your area and we can give you pricing information, so you can discuss cost sharing and view a demo with me. 
Meanwhile, we are also suggesting to all UK accountants that they consider teaming up with consultants, so your approach to them will be timely.