Wrong personality profile for practice diversification


As we battle our way towards a network of 400 Runagood® Business Centres, to take on a £14bn small business advice market, I can’t help noticing the common DISC thread in the accountant applicants who are stepping forward.


Expecting to mainly encounter the standard low D/I high S/C profile, we armed ourselves with stacks of evidence, case studies, proof of concept material and demos. 

But instead, all the early adopters have been high D/I and low S/C. i.e. with the classic entrepreneur profile, who quickly sized up what we’re offering, asked two questions, then booked up and attended. They immediately saw how it fitted their ambitions to expand into the whole array of advice to businesses of any size. And they are gearing up as I write. 

So, here’s our challenge…

Are we confined to seeking out the small nucleus of natural entrepreneurs who found themselves in accountancy by accident?


Can we make the Runagood® proposition so safe, evidence-based and risk-free, that we’ll soon be overwhelmed with demand? 

Answers and opinions gratefully received, please

Meanwhile, if you’d like to complete a DISC profile to help your thinking, let us know here, please   

Or just…

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P.S. Come on Weds 8th for a bonus talk by Colin Simonds FCA on “how I converted my practice to a business consultancy”


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