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The future of business advice is fast, online and technology driven. Runagood® was founded to meet a powerful social need to equip advisors of the future with the most up to date skills and latest technology to fix problems with any business, anytime, anywhere boosting the UK’s business growth together.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has entered the world of business advice in the shape of Runagood® AI Business Advisor®, transforming the ability of advisors to identify and implement fast solutions to problems and workable strategies for achieving business objectives quickly.

Building on 22 years work with 1m businesses that raised the international competitiveness of the UK’s small / medium businesses from 21st to 7th place these proven techniques have been automated to deliver end to end advice and solutions that can be implemented rapidly, affordably and in a uniquely sustained way that ensures permanent performance improvement.

During intensive training you will use Runagood®’s cutting-edge technology to analyse, forecast, plan and implement performance improvement programmes with real businesses until you are wholly confident and competent to use it in any situation, be it in front of audiences, with your own team, business prospects, clients, customers, partners.

Trial and error is a dangerous way to find answers and neither do the business schools deal with the everyday practicalities of fixing everyday business problems. So, these unique programmes get straight to the point on ground floor issues like how to get more: new sales; repeat sales; efficient ways of working; people productivity; profits and raised business value.


“Fantastic training and use of technology to solve real business problems.”

Ily Maisanda  | Maisanda & Co


About us

Runagood® has combined its team knowhow (from raising UK small business international competitiveness from 21st to 7th place between 1988-2010) with online technology to create fast, practical and affordable advice for businesses of any size.

Through a major investment in original technology, proven business methods and techniques are applied online with a focus on speed, affordability and sustainability. The impact of this combination is that after training and licensing you are able to handle large numbers of projects and solve business problems all at once working online from anywhere.


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