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Use unique AI to profit from every business - however small - forever

Become a 10 Minute Business Mentor

Fully analyse any business, anytime, anywhere

Become a 10 Minute Business Coach

Forecast & Plan any business, anytime, anywhere

Become a 10 Minute Business Consultant

Boost any business’s performance and value anytime, anywhere


How does it work?

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Why would my clients or prospects want this?

We have the UK's only Small Business Benchmark for 1million businesses across all industry sectors. As well as having an extensive knowledge base of over 4000 business guides and 500 document templates..png

Because Runagood® AI democratises business advice by making it affordable to all from £5 per day.

Yet it’s profitable even at that rate, as very small clients start by using the AI themselves on subscription from you. As their businesses grow, so do your support levels and fees. 

They get you as their 24/7 Business Partner, able to analyse their every problem, plan their way through it and give them practical actions that lead to the results they want.  

It’s all achieved by the Runagood® knowledge base, expert algorithms that cut consultancy time by 95%, merged with your own business experience.

A Runagood® Business Partner is able to show business owners how to:

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…Just by using Runagood® resources



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